Age Groups – An athlete’s age group is determined by their age as of December 31st of the race year, for all USAT Sanctioned events. Please consider how old you’ll be after you’ve had your birthday on the calendar year of the race. This is the MOST COMMON ‘division’ selection for our multi sport races.

Athena- Per USAT division. An Athena is any female athlete weighing greater than 165 pounds. Women meeting this criteria can chose to race as an Athena or not. This division is available for the triathlon only.

Audio Devices – No audio devices will be allowed on the course. This includes iPods, MP3 players, Ear-Buds, Sunglasses with built-in audio and other devices. If an athlete is found to be wearing an audio device of any kind during their race, the athlete will be removed from the course and disqualified. Smartphones may be used to track the racer’s progress, but at no time may the athlete wear headphones. This ensures the safety of other athletes as well as compliance with all USAT rules.

Beginner Division – Any athlete that wishes to compete in the Beginner Division is not required to be a first-timer. Male or female, if you would prefer to start in the last wave (beginner wave) for any reason, you may do so. Beginner division athletes will be eligible for both Overall and Age Group awards, and will be included in Age Group rankings by USAT. Separate beginner waves (by age) will depend on the number of athletes who opt to go this route, and will be offered for Sprint or Short distance races only.

Bibs – All provided numbers must be worn and/or visible at all times. Failure to secure the bike number will result in a USAT penalty and/or race disqualification. Run bibs MUST BE WORN AND VISIBLE FROM THE FRONT during the run split.

Bib Transfers – As noted in our waiver that is signed upon any race registration, bibs are non-transferable and cannot be transferred from one person to another. Your bib provides us with very important information for identifying you. This extends to purposes including the medical response team, scoring and timing. Transferring bibs can compromise race day procedures. A violation of this rule may prohibit you from participating in all future Breakaway Athletic Events races and banned from all USAT sanctioned events. We appreciate your cooperation with this. Thank you for your understanding.

Bike Support – A bike tech tent will be available near transition on race morning. A bike support vehicle will sweep the course during the bike portion of the race. If you have an issue and need support, find the nearest aid station or tell a volunteer. Aid stations AND volunteers will be equipped to contact bike support. PLEASE NOTE: bike support may be busy somewhere else on the course. Be prepared yourself as best possible to change a flat tire or repair your bike to avoid the need for bike support. PRO-TIP: To avoid flats, ensure your tires are in good shape and wait until race morning to inflate your tires to the proper air pressure. Tire pumps will not be allowed in transition once it closes, so plan to give your pump to a friend or leave it in your vehicle.

Body Marking – Body marking will be available as you enter transition the morning of the race. PLEASE NOTE: All athletes are required to be body marked before starting the race. Each ARM requires your bib number (or the back of your hand if you’re wearing full sleeves) and your LEFT calf requires your age as of 12/31.

Clydesdale- Per USAT division. A Clydesdale athlete is a male who weighs more than 220 pounds. Men meeting this criteria can chose to race as a Clydesdale or not. This division is available for the triathlon only.

Communication Plan – Prior to the race start, establish a communication plan with family, friends or other athletes if you are in a relay. Share relevant information with your emergency contact. It is essential that you have a plan for contacting or reuniting with your group once your cross the finish line.

Courses – Directional signs, course marshals, volunteers, staff and local law enforcement will be positioned to clearly mark the course. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS THE ATHLETE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE COURSE before beginning their race. Maps are available online and will be posted in transition on race morning. They will not be printed and distributed to each athlete individually though.

Course Cut-Off Times – Course cut-off times can be found on the race day schedule. The race director and/or Breakaway Athletic Events staff members have the right to remove any athlete from the course and DNF that athlete if the course director determines there is no possibility of finishing within the allotted time frame, based on the athlete’s location, time and average pace. Please don’t worry about this! We have very racer friendly cut-off times. If this does happen, you’ll get to ride back from a support vehicle.​

Elite- An athlete racing within the specific ‘elite’ division category or professional category.

Finish Line Etiquette – Friends and family can join you as you cross the finish line. Make sure they are positioned at the beginning of the finish line chute to meet you. Please be aware of other athletes around you.

Finish Line Policy – Each athlete will be given adequate time to catch their breath and celebrate their accomplishment. We ask that each athlete immediately continue on to the food, vendor & awards area. This helps us keep the finish line area clear so everyone can have a safe and fun finish line experience. This also helps keep our volunteers and staff safe. Allow yourself time to receive your finisher medal, water bottle and/or recovery drink and have your timing chip removed – then EXIT the finish coral. The finish coral can get crowded. Athletes will NOT BE ALLOWED to loiter or wait for friends to finish in this immediate area.

Hydration – The best hydration strategy for endurance athletes is to maintain water intake and hydration the week leading up to race day. On race day, don’t OVER drink or OVER fill up on water. Small sips the morning of in addition to extra sodium, if your race-day-plan calls for this, is ideal. Avoid a medical tent visit – stay hydrated and listen to your bodies fuel/water needs.

Littering – Please remember that we are guests of the venues and areas that support our sport. Litter on the course could jeopardize the life of our events, so please, DO NOT LITTER – dispose of all trash in proper receptacles OR at proper checkpoints noted on the race course. Athletes found to be littering outside of designated areas risk being disqualified OR banned from future events.

Lost & Found – A Lost & Found will be available at the Breakaway Athletic Events pop up located near the finish line and transition area. Any items retrieved from the course and/or left in transition will be made available for two weeks after the event. After the two week claim period, items will be donated. Please contact to schedule the return of your lost (and found) item. Shipping charges may apply if you’re unable to pick them up in person.

Para or Para Athlete – An athlete racing within the specific disability division.

Relay Teams – All relay team members must register separately and must come to packet pick-up together. This is a USAT rule that can and will not be ignored. Each individual member must have either a USAT membership or pay the one-day license fee during registration. (This can be paid in person too if you forget during registration – CASH ONLY). Relay teams will be assigned a single timing chip, bike number and run bib. Chip hand-off must take place INSIDE THE TRANSITION AREA at the assigned bike rack. The 2nd and 3rd leg of the relay must secure the timing chip around their left ankle before leaving the transition. Relay team members are permitted to stay in transition while the other team members race their splits. They will only be allowed BACK into transition to wait after the start of the race (after the pre-start transition closure).

Safety / Medical – SWIM – If you are having difficulty during the swim and wish to be rescued or removed, remove your cap and wave it in the air. A member of our water support team will assist you as quickly as possible. If you simply need a break during the swim split, swim towards a kayak or water support team member and let them know you need a break. NO forward motion is permitted while holding onto a water support vessel.

Safety / Medical – BIKE – If you need medical assistance when on the bike course, please pull over to the side of the road and OUT of the way of other athletes. A bike crash with multiple athletes can quickly turn into a serious safety issue. Get the attention of nearby volunteers or staff members. If none are within sight, tell a fellow athlete to let a volunteer, staff member or medical person know you need help. Give your bib number! An ambulance with staffed paramedics will be positioned at the transition area.

Safety / Medical – RUN – If you need medical assistance during the run split, please step to the side and stay out of the way from other runners. Get the attention of nearby volunteers or staff members. If none are within sight, tell a fellow athlete to let a volunteer, staff member or medical person know you need help. Give your bib number! An ambulance with staffed paramedics will be positioned at the transition area.

Smoking – This one seems like a no-brainer, but we unfortunately need to note as many things as possible. Breakaway Athletic Events has a zero tolerance policy for smoking of ANY KIND at our events. Absolutely NO SMOKING is permitted anywhere near, around or in transition, ANYWHERE along the designated race courses or anywhere that may affect another athlete, spectator, volunteer or staff member. This includes, but is not limited to, tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarette or vaping products. Anyone found to be smoking will be asked to stop OR leave the grounds. If they can’t comply, local law enforcement will be contacted. Any athlete associated with someone smoking, will be disqualified.

Timing Chips – These MUST BE WORN AROUND YOUR ANKLE. Either ankle is fine, but wearing it around your wrist or putting it in a pocket will prevent us from being able to provide you with times. Please DO NOT EXCHANGE CHIPS WITH ANOTHER ATHLETE. The chip is uniquely programmed to identify each individual athlete and record only YOUR results.

Timing – Timing mats will be positioned at each entrance of transition and at the finish line. Five splits will be taken from these mats; Swim, T1, Bike, T2 and Run. Finish times will be posted at the timing station near the finish line/transition. Results will be continually updated throughout the day. Final results and splits will be posted on our website within 24 hours of the race being completed.

Transition – All bike racks have plenty of room for you and your athlete neighbors. Share space, prep your area neatly. Staff and/or volunteers will help as needed

USAT Rules – It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you familiarize yourself with all USAT rules and guidelines before arriving on race day. Something as simple as being on your bike without your helmet fastened could result in a penalty or disqualification, even if the race hasn’t started yet. Click here for the USAT Rules.

Volunteers – Volunteers help support you throughout the entire race day experience. It’s important that volunteers are at their posts and positions. If a volunteer needs to leave for any reason, please let a staff member know. As athletes, please give a high five and a shout-out thank you to any volunteers along the course – they make racing possible!

Wave Starts –  It’s a good idea to arrive at least 60-90 minutes before your start time. This allows you time to set up your gear, rack your bike and familiarize yourself with transition for the in and out spots. Getting to the swim start with about 10 minutes to spare is ideal. If the swim is a WAVE START, Each wave is based on distance and in some cases, Age & Gender. Each wave will have a distinct swim cap color. You should plan extra time for traffic or parking delays.

Water Temperature – The water temperature will be taken by the USAT Official 1 hour prior to each event for any OPEN WATER SWIMS. That is the temperature that will decide whether wetsuits are allowed. *See wetsuit policy in USAT Rules. Any POOL swims will take place indoors -NO wetsuits are permitted in a pool swim.