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Please Note: The following two linked sections fall under this universal terms and conditions section. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree with all the information found in these two noted/linked sections as well.

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Copyright & Trademark Information:
All Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. original content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio, video clips and software, is the property of Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. All images, photos, logos and text found on breakawayathleticevents.com are not to be copied or used for personal or business purposes unless written consent has been given by the principal officers of the company.

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Website Conditions:
By using the breakawayathleticevents.com website, you agree to all terms and conditions listed here. This includes but is not limited to: copyright information, website conditions, race rules & policies, athlete and/or race-day photography and any registration orders places. You also agree to fill out all information honestly and accurately. Fraudulent or malicious emails, orders or account setups will NOT be tolerated. Your IP address will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

Any “specials”, “discounts” or “sale codes” listed in the latest updates area or any other section of the website are NOT automatically applied to your race registrations. They must be utilized during the checkout process.

Athlete and/or race day photography that is originated at any of our events (including but not limited to any photographers on site, media outlets on site, athlete photos, spectator photos, vendor, sponsor or beneficiary photos or volunteer/staff photos) is considered to be owned and free for use publicly by Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. Should a photo removal request be submitted in writing via email or online message, we will do our best to take the indicated photo down in a timely manner.

Any contact forms, or other methods of communication initiated from this website will automatically add you to our email mailing list. This is NOT a spam list, NOT a re-distributed list and a NON public list. Our newsletters offer useful information, news, updates, sales and new race events. You will have the ability to opt out at ANY time from directly within these emails.

Race & Event Conditions:
Athletic racing and athletic events in general require a lot of attention for planning, permits, preparation  and extreme organization. We do as much as possible to provide our athletes with the best possible race day experience (both leading up to the race, on actual race day and after they’ve crossed the finish line). Our staff, volunteers and cultivated relationships with local law enforcement, vendors, businesses and residents takes time and trust.

If a race event is modified, cancelled or altered in any way prior to the race starting, please know this is done with the athlete’s best interest at heart. Safety is our absolute first priority.

Circumstances out of our control are sometimes an unfortunate bi-product of outdoor athletic races & events. Please know we never wish to cancel a race or modify it so it becomes “less desirable” by our athletes. Sometimes we have no choice.

Registration & Privacy Information:

Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. does NOT share, sell or redistribute our athlete’s information in any way, unless otherwise noted in this section. We take privacy very seriously and never want to violate anyone’s trust.

Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. will only provide your full information, as noted in our waiver & release forms which require a signature for each race registration, in an emergency situation. Please read our waiver & release forms during your checkout or race registration.

Your name, email and other critical information will be shared with our timing company (so they can accurately time your race) as well as any sanctioning/governing bodies, such as USAT, USATF and/or USA Swimming. Should you feel any of these entities have abused your personal information, please contact us immediately. We choose our service providers and sanctioning entities very carefully.