If you have any questions about specific race rules or the swim, bike or run splits – reviewing the USAT Rulebook may help. All of our triathlons are USAT certified. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us.  


Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

Normally NO. We do not allow other individuals to pick up packets for registered athletes unless they are under 18 years of age. If you cannot pick-up your packet during packet pick-up hours, you can pick it up on race day for a small fee ($5). If someone else is planning to pick up your packet for you they MUST have a copy of your photo ID.

Do I have to get body marked?

YES!  You can choose to body mark yourself at home (using TRITATS) or at transition entrance on race morning. We will have volunteers with markers to get you all set. Each ARM will get your race number and your LEFT calf will get your age as of December 31st.

What if I can’t race? Can I give my race entry away?

Yes!  As long as you request the transfer at least 7 days in advance of the event.   No transfers will be allowed within 7 days of any athletic event. Please contact us for help with this.

Can I wear my iPod or MP3 player during the race?

NO! Audio or earphone devices will NOT be allowed on the course whatsoever – that means no ear buds, sunglasses with music built in or any similar devices! This is part of the USAT rules in addition to our rules and for the safety of all our athletes.

When do I receive my USAT membership card?

If you paid the $15 USAT fee during race signup, that allows you to race for that event only. Annual memberships are available directly through USAT.  The $15 fee you paid when you registered is only a One-Day License. A membership card will not be sent.

Do relay team members need to register?

Yes!  All relay captains & team members must register separately.  This allows us to get important information about each athlete (including emergency contacts) and t-shirt sizing. The team captain will pay the full registration fee. Each relay member will have to sign-up as a ‘team member’ and will not be charged for registration (USAT, parking, packet-pickup fees excluded where applicable).

Can my child participate if they are under 18? Under 15?

Most likely.  Please contact us and let us know that you have a youth that wants to race.  Any online registrations with the birth date indicating the athlete will be younger than 18 on race day will trigger us to touch base with the parents or guardians. This allows us to confirm race details as well as their physical abilities.

Can I transfer, defer or get a refund for my registration?

This depends on the timing of your request. Please contact us for help on this. Please read our Terms & Conditions & Rules & Polices pages for specifics.


How early should I arrive?

Athletes are welcome to arrive as early as transition opens.  Transition will completely close 5 minutes prior to any race start, but remain accessible to all athletes for the duration of the athletic event.

Will there be somewhere to change after the swim?

There will be port-a-potties nearby, however, most athletes  swim in what they plan to wear during the entire race. There is absolutely ZERO nudity permitted at any event or in any transition.

How is my gear kept safe?

Volunteers & Staff are positioned at all the in’s and out’s of transition and will be checking to be sure body markings and numbers on gear match with an athlete’s number markings, bib and/or ID bracelet.

Can friends and family help me in transition?

NO! Athletes are the only people allowed in transition (along with race volunteers & staff). Athletes will need their race-specific ID bracelet for admittance into transition. This will be supplied and clicked onto your wrist during packet pickup. NO bracelet – NO race.  Please note – if you have special needs or require help setting up in transition, please let a member of our staff know and we will do our best to offer help with volunteers.

When can I take my bike out?

When your race is over, there will most likely be others still racing. While transition will be open to all athletes once the race begins, we ask that you wait until the race director announces transition is open for bike removal to take your bike out. This ensures a safe & high quality race experience for all athletes as well as keeping your gear safe.

How Should I Set Up My Gear In Transition?

This varies by personal preference. A basic simple setup is to place a small towel under your bike when it’s racked on the bike rack and lay out your gear on it (run shoes, bib number, water bottle, snacks, socks, watch – etc.). The ideal towel size is 2 ft x 3 ft or about this size.


Are wetsuits allowed or required?

According to USAT’s competitive rules, athletes will be allowed to wear a wetsuit in water up to and including 78°.  Should the water test warmer than that on race morning, wearing a wetsuit would exclude you from award eligibility.  Wetsuits are always suggested when water temps allow. POOL TRIATHLONS will not allow for the use of any wetsuits at all.

Do I have to swim a certain stroke?

No. Although freestyle is the most common, and often the most efficient, any stroke that propels you forward will be acceptable. POOL TRIATHLONS will NOT allow for a BUTTERFLY stroke

If I need help, will I be disqualified?

No.  You may hang onto a boat, kayak, or buoy for as long as you need to, but using any of these devices to help propel you forward will result in disqualification. POOL TRIATHLONS will allow for walking or stopping at any end of the pool should you need a break or help.

I’m nervous about an open water swim.  Any advice?

Open waters swims can certainly be intimidating. Your first time out should absolutely NOT be on race day. We suggest attending a swim clinic (for open water), talking with your coach OR practicing at your local lake, beach or reservoir to get more comfortable. Practicing prior to race day ensures your safety, other athlete’s safety and a positive race experience.  

What gear can I swim with?

You may not use snorkels, flotation devices, fins, paddles or any other equipment that assists you in forward propulsion. Use of any of these will result in disqualification. Permitted gear includes –
  • Wetsuit (non pool event only)
  • Goggles
  • Swim-Cap (pre-assigned and supplied)
  • Race Suit (or outfit UNDER your wetsuit)
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Swim Watch


What type of bike can I ride?

You can ride most model bikes in our events. Permitted Bikes –
  • Triathlon/TT
  • Road Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Fat Tire Bike
  • “City Cruiser”
NON Permitted Bikes –
  • Recumbent
  • Tandem

Am I required to have my bike inspected?

No. It’s always a good idea though. There will be bike support available from a local vendor near transition on race morning.

Is there bike course support?

Yes. A local bike vendor will be available in transition the morning of the race as well as doing a sweep on the bike course for anyone that needs assistance (ie. a flat tire or loose bolt). Please do NOT rely solely on the bike support during the race. It’s strongly recommended you carry a spare tire tube and CO2 cartridge with you and know how to change a flat. This ensures a timely bike split for you AND everyone’s safety on the course.

Do I need to wear a bib number on the bike?

While the bib number can be worn on the bike (generally athletes wear it on their backside), it’s not required. The bike itself must have a number sticker on it that’s visible at all times.

Do I Need to Wear a Helmet?

YES! Absolutely at all times when your bike is taken off the rack until it’s back on, you MUST have your helmet on. This is a USAT rule during a triathlon.

How Should I Rack My Bike?

By the SEAT is the best way to rack your bike. A volunteer or staff member can help with this if you’d like.


Do I have to wear my race bib number?

Yes!  Please wear the provided bib number for the entire run split. Be sure your number is visible from the front when you cross the finish line.  This helps our volunteers, timers and photographers provide the most accurate results and pictures for race day.

Can I walk if I need or want to?

Absolutely! Beginners and veterans alike are welcome at all Breakaway Athletic Events races.  Race as competitively as you are comfortable doing. Walking the aid stations can always be a good way to space your breaks.

Can I run with my dog during the race?

No. We do not allow dogs on or near the course during triathlon events. Even if you are just racing the run portion associated with the triathlon (as a relay OR a stand alone run event) it is completely unsafe to have pets on the run course.

Can I run with a stroller during the race?

We do not allow strollers on the run course during triathlon events. Even if you are just racing the run portion associated with the triathlon (as a relay OR a stand alone run event) it is unsafe to have strollers on the run course. SPECIAL CONDITIONS apply to disabled athletes or para athletes. Please contact us regarding this.