Rules & Policies

Please be sure to read & review the Common Race Terms page as well as the information found below.

Transfer, Defer & Refund Options – If for any reason, an athlete needs to withdraw from a race they have already registered for they will have the following option:

  • If a registered athlete notifies us at least 29 days before the event they wish to withdraw from, they may request a voucher code worth the amount of the race entry fee purchased, minus a $20 processing fee. This voucher code can be used towards any future race event with Breakaway Athletic Events. Athletes will have 12 months to use the voucher code before it expires.

    Athletes inside the 29 day mark should contact us with their cancellation needs. We can not guarantee a specific voucher amount depending on the specific time frame.

  • If athletes wish to TRANSFER their race entry/registration to another athlete, they may do so at least 29 days before the event with a $5 transfer fee. Transfers are NOT allowed within 29 days of a race. We are extremely busy organizing and finalizing race day details and can not accurately process these requests. Sorry. USAT fees are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

  • If athletes wish to SWITCH DIVISIONS (ie. age group to elite), this must be requested at least 7 days before the event. Division switches are NOT allowed within 7 days of the event.
  • Please email OR use our contact page to request help with any of this.

  • There will be no cash OR race entry refunds under any circumstances. This applies to processing fees as well. This policy is strictly adhered to & enforced out of fairness to all athletes and for the solvency of Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. Our no refunds policy also applies to weather cancellations, public health cancellations, public communicable disease cancellations as well as changes to the race (course or otherwise) after registration. The nature of triathlon, multisport races & outdoor athletic events, both racing and planning, is that unforeseen changes can happen at any time no matter how finalized anything may seem to be.

  • Any error with an athlete’s registration should be rectified within 24 hours. This includes but isn’t limited to a name error, date of birth error, signup error, division error, sanction error or other error that might require entry cancellation. Special circumstances apply.

  • Any changes made to the race (course or specific venue setup) are done because we have to. This is most often done in the name of safety for our participants and spectators. These things often come up after the race has been planned. We are athletes too and do everything possible to create the best race experience for everyone (participants, spectators, volunteers, staff, local communities, vendors & law enforcement).

  • Collaboration races that involve another event company may stipulate different rules & policies as well as altered timelines from the ones noted above. Please contact us with questions.

Use a personal email address when registering for your race. Always make sure to check your spam or junk folders for the confirmation email if you don’t see it within a few minutes. It is your responsibility to check our website, social media pages, public group pages and emails every so often leading up to a race for any important updates. If you use a business email (during registration) there’s a strong chance our emails will be blocked by your company’s firewall or server. Follow us on social media and join our mailing list newsletter to get the latest information.

Waivers – Agreeing to the waivers and payment of your entry fee constitutes your acceptance of all Breakaway Athletic Events Inc. terms & conditions, rules & policies as well as all USAT rules & regulations.

Event Modifications / Cancellations – The race directors and organizers and/or USAT officials reserve the right to reschedule, modify or cancel any or all portions of a race event if weather conditions, course safety, water quality or anything else compromises participant safety or makes the originally planned event impossible.  There will be no refunds for rescheduled, modified or canceled events. Please contact us with questions.

Unauthorized Transfers – Packet pick-up will require a valid PHOTO ID AND YOUR USAT MEMBER CARD (if you have an annual membership).  Participants who swap or sell their race number without authorization will not be allowed to race in another Breakaway Athletic Events race for a period of 2 years and will be subject to any disciplinary action by USAT.

Awards – Winners who are not present at their ceremony can email in to claim their podium award via email, but may be required to pay additional fees for packing/shipping if a local pickup can not be arranged.

Audio Devices – Audio devices/headphones will not be allowed in triathlon events or any running event that is associated with a triathlon as well as any multisport event (ie. a Duathlon or Double). Audio devices and headphones will be allowed in stand-alone running events.

Lost & Found – Athletes can contact regarding anything lost during a race event. Return shipping fees will apply if a local pickup can not be arranged.