What’s trail running? The name itself is very simple and to the point. You’re running, just on an offroad or dirt trail.

Trail running has been popular for a number of years and often becomes a favorite activity, way to train OR way to race for athletes. Why?

  • Less impact on the body (packed dirt vs hard pavement)
  • Immersive nature experience (yup…you’re in the trees!)
  • Less anxiety during a race (as pacing and pressure tend to be lower)
  • Calmer crowds (there generally seems to be less ‘ego’ among trail runners)
  • Sometimes you get battle wounds (in longer or more extreme terrain runs, scars from a slip or fall can make for good stories)
  • It sounds cool (“Yup, I’m a trail runner”)

We have taken the approach with our Timberview Trail Run (shown below by clicking on the image) that everyone starts somewhere with trail running. Shorter courses in a state park offer beautiful views, beginner friendly attitudes and a supportive crowd.