What’s the one thing EVERY triathlete needs? The ‘best’ running sneakers? Most aerodynamic bike? The best anti-fog goggles known to humans?


Every triathlete needs one thing – self-esteem! While self-esteem covers a myriad of topics about one’s self, it’s a simple enough concept to consider. How great does it feel having your friends and family cheering for you as you pass them on part of the run course? There’s a natural energy boost right? You feel stronger, lighter, faster and more confident you’ll make it to that finish line!

Why not work on that feeling internally by simply saying to yourself “I can do this” or “I’ve got this” during your training sessions? This positive mental practice will help make your race days more enjoyable. Don’t dwell on the negative or what you did wrong in the swim. Focus on what’s ahead and staying positive at the fact that you can race and are there racing!