Positive Gratitude and Attitude in Racing - Breakaway Athletic Events

Every event, race or even training session has it’s own set of challenges and rules. “Be here, do this, time that, run so far, bike hard…etc. etc.”

What most folks won’t tell you or often forget to leave out is one simple thing you really MUST do at every event or race. It’s easy, takes less than 5 seconds and will lift your mood and overall experience every single time.

Ready? Brace yourself…it’s a big one…


Yup. That’s it. The simple act of saying thanks or showing a little gratitude will instantly lift your attitude 😉 We’re all out there doing our best and while it may feel like you’re struggling or having the best day ever, saying thanks to a volunteer, friend, family member, fellow athlete, race staff member, race director, vendor, sponsor – whoever – can have a really big positive impact.

We’ll start by saying thanks for reading this little tidbit article. Put it into practice at your next 5 races and take note of how much better you feel during and after your race 🙂