Set Your Athlete Goals as Part of a Process

What are your goals as an athlete? Are they tasks or part of a true process?

We all have accomplishments we’d like to achieve as an athlete. Run a faster mile, swim fast without fear or perhaps cycle that 100 mile run in a certain amount of time. But when you break these things down, yes they are goals, but they are essentially B goals or almost tasks.

A goal should be surrounding a process. It should surround the JOURNEY to attain an accomplishment and really focus on a mindset full of positive intention.

Here are THREE quick tips to help you work on goal setting as an athlete.

DEFINE YOUR WHY- Ask yourself WHY? Why is this in on my list? Why is this important? Why does this matter to me? Sit with the answers and come back to reread and refine a day later.

WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS- Talk about the process here. Your love of what will take you on the journey and the journey itself. NOT the end result or the task.

REMIND and REFOCUS- It can sometimes be easy to get off track. Take time along the way to reread step one above and then step two. Repeat as needed ๐Ÿ™‚