The Perception of Your Reality as An Athlete

We all have different lives. That’s 100% a fact. How we perceive our world and the reality around us makes all the difference however…


Let’s take the Half Marathon as an example (that’s 13.1 miles of running). To some, this may seem like a terrible feat of pain, misery and nearly impossible. To others, this is a wonderful run distance that’s energizing, challenging and short enough to enjoy every minute of it.

What MANY of us forget in today’s extremely hectic world is that the Half Marathon itself isn’t inherently good or bad (or any variation of either). It is empty. It is neutral.

YOUR perception of it and how YOU feel about it are what ultimately define the run race distance.

How can knowing this and practicing this type of thought process help you as an athlete? In many ways…but the quick tip in this post is about training, racing and being able to shift your mindfulness to something that helps you attain goals with greater ease.

The next time you find yourself thinking a workout or session, find three aspects of that workout session that are the complete opposite of how you feel. Allow the thoughts of them to fill up your mind about the workout and see how you feel afterwards (good, bad or worse). This is a fundamental test of attaining new perceptions.