Open Water Swimming Fears and Tips

Open water can scare a LOT of athletes. The uncertainty, the tides, the vastness. Here are THREE tips to help you conquer fears of open water during a triathlon race.

ONE – Remember, you are NOT alone! Many good race directors have a system in place to ensure every athlete gets out of the water safely. This includes volunteers on the water, boats, jet skis and a shore system to account for all racers.

TWO – Your swim training will kick in. Unless you haven’t swam in 10 years or have NEVER learned how to swim (you wouldn’t be there on race morning if this was the case) your body’s instincts will kick in to swim.

THREE – RELAX and BREATHE! So often folks panic about the swim and this inhibits them from actually swimming. Relax and breathe in calming air to slow your thoughts down and help you focus. Take breaks if you need to. All this will keep moving you forward.