Quick Tips to Run Better TODAY!

Wanna be a better runner? Don’t feel like researching 500 different opinionated topics on the subject?

Here are three quick tips to run better anytime of the year.

Hit that treadmill! – We know the treadmill can be boring sometimes, but it gives your body a break on recovery run days. Yes, a recovery day can be ACTIVE recovery and a treadmill allows for less impact during a run.

Rotate your sneakers! – Running in only one pair of shoes doesn’t allow your feet to adapt and strengthen to a larger variety of run surfaces. Even if you run the EXACT same route day after day, rotating through a few different pairs of running shoes will allow different parts of your legs to ‘feel the burn’ at different times.

Stretch, rest & recover. Seriously…this is skipped WAY more than it should be! Stretch daily! Take care of your joints and potentially aching muscles so you can keep the miles rolling along.

Practice these for the next FOUR weeks and keep a log to see how your run training improves!