Half Marathon Thoughts Which To Choose Breakaway Athletic Events

The half marathon can be a really fun and challenging distance for any athlete. Seasoned runners, first timers and everything in between can get on board for a half.

BUT… which half marathon should you choose?

Well, that depends. Here are a few things we think an athlete should consider when looking at their first or next half marathon to run.

LOCATION: Given that 2020 was a terrible year for in person events, the location of your race is key. Stick local if you can as plans tend to be shifting quicker and sometimes more dramatically for in person events.

VENUE: While this ties into location, we mainly mean what the course looks like. Super flat? Tons of hills? All off-road? These are things to consider when choosing a race. An event that has clean paved paths, minimal to no vehicle crossings or traffic and lots of close parking is ideal (who wants to walk a mile to then run 13.1 to then walk another just to get back to your vehicle?).

REGISTRATION COSTS / PERKS: What does your entry fee look like? While some of the most popular races around the country can get pricey as heck, which may not matter to you, keep this in mind. Does that entry come with swag? A shirt? Snacks? Drinks? Food?

AID STATIONS: Yes…this ties into the course/venue. How many or how frequent are the aid stations? Generally every 1 to 1.5 miles for a 13.1 half marathon is ideal. This gives you a chance to stop, take a break, refuel, hydrate or get some positive encouragement as needed.

TIME OF YEAR: Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter? What is YOUR ideal time to run? Once you know that, look for races in that time of year if available. Spring time is always great as the days are getting a bit longer, the weather is more forgiving and the sunshine gives you a boost as it hits the pavement in the morning.

Hmm…with all this talk of a half marathon, we may just have to consider creating one locally here in Colorado 😉 😉 // 2020 is nearly over everyone! Who know what good things 2021 can and will bring 😉 Stay Tuned!