Three Tips to Improve as an Athlete

Summer is a great time of year. Long days, often ‘ideal’ weather and usually WARM or HOT days.

What does that mean for your training? Race preparation? Hydration? For your racing?

Training and racing in the heat can present unique challenges like hydration and sodium/electrolyte intake for a delicate balance of sustained energy. Too much or too little and your whole day can blow up. How can you prepare for this? What’s the MOST important thing to focus on? Have a read on a few of our tips below…

HYDRATE BEFORE – Yes replenishing while you are training or racing is important, but good hydration a few days BEFORE your race day or before a big training session is a big big help.

DROP YOUR PACE – The first thing to focus on is a slower pace until you are more heat acclimated. Dropping down a bit on speed or intensity can help you maintain your endurance.

ELECTOLYTES – Salts, tablets, capsules, drinks – whatever works for you make sure you have enough in your system to balance extra water intake. This is VERY important as a lack of salt/water balance can be a quick hospital trip

BUILD UP SLOWLY – Heat training and acclimatization can take time. Don’t jump into 5 sessions a week OR your first big race on a possibly hot day. Start with 1 session a week and build up to more and more as you find a good balance.

Always consult with your trainer or health care professional before attempting any new exercise or physical activities.