Learning to Leap & Bound as an Athlete

Mistakes happen. As athletes we understand that, without a doubt, mistakes happen and things can go wrong. How you pick yourself up afterwards is the key to continued growth and progress.

Here are THREE quick tips to help stay motivated, on track and not ‘blow up’ when something goes wrong.

KEEP SMILING – It sounds cliche, but keeping positive and focused without beating yourself up is critical. Don’t get so bogged down with a mistake or a group of mistakes that you can’t dig yourself out, recover and restart your journey.

CHANGE & GROW – Change is inevitable. Growth is a choice. A setback is only as bad as you make it out to be. Flip that if you can! A setback is a chance to LEARN, CHANGE and GROW as an athlete. It’s part of the journey, own it!

COOL OFF – Take a step back, breathe and cool off. Now this can be applied metaphorically depending on the time frame. It applies to in the moment issues and something that could take three days to recover and rebalance from. Allow yourself to see what happened with an open mind and perhaps from a fresh perspective.