Gratitude Your Attitude

Today’s post is simple but significant…gratitude!

Gratitude and finding your ideal path to embracing it can be a very healing, grounding and powerful experience.

Here are THREE quick tips to bring gratitude into your life this season while you train & race as an athlete…

ONE SIMPLE REFLECTION – Look back at your day before going to bed every night. What’s one single thing (simple or complex) that you are happy and grateful for? A kind word from your partner or spouse? A friend saying your hair looks great? The dog smiling at you when you got home?

MORNING REBOOT- Start each day with just ONE minute of positivity about the day ahead and what you have the ability to do with just a single thing. “I GET to train today” – “I GET to eat breakfast today” – “I GET to hug my kids today”

DO THAT 180 – At ANY point during the day…think of one negative aspect or something that really just didn’t feel great at all. A nasty comment, a side-eye look or maybe you stepped in a giant puddle. Reverse it! Why COULD that have happened? What’s the underlying reason? Was it really horrible? Or did it just frustrate you for a moment?

Practice gratitude daily. We say practice because it’s not something you simply just “do” or “turn on and turn off” – it takes a bit of work, a bit of focus and certainly a bit of determination – much like training! Watch the positivity in your life grow beyond what you thought capable of in no time!