Winter Training Mental and Physical Triathlete Runner

Yup…it’s snowing here in the front range of Colorado. What’s mean for your training? Let’s have a look at some ideas…

DON’T DO THE NORM – If you’re workout plan calls for a long run today…by all means, don’t go out and try to run the same pace and distance in a blizzard. The injury risk exponentially goes up and up as does the actual workout benefit. Working out when you’re stressed can actually have a detrimental effect.

FOCUS ON YOUR MENTAL GAME – Seriously…meditate, do yoga, practice mindfulness, try ohm chanting, try breathing exercises with mental focus work….training isn’t always physical stuff…sharpen your mind too!

CHANGE IT UP – Get out in the weather all bundled up and try snow shoeing! Snow shoeing can be a great cardo workout that is different, challenging and invigorating.

It should be noted we are NOT medical professionals and that you should always seek medical advice from your health care provider. This post is NOT medical, health or explicit training advice.