Triathlon Without Swimming?

Can you do a Triathlon without swimming? Technically speaking, yes…

We get it…swimming in open water can be a REAL challenge, especially if you have a fear of open water. We get it, we’re athletes and triathletes too and we know how daunting it can be.

While the sport of Triathlon has always traditionally been SWIM – BIKE – RUN, there are a few options that have emerged (as well as other multisport events) that can get you into the action on race day.

SUP TRIATHLON – This is exactly what the name implies – a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Triathlon. Instead of traditional swimming, you SUP as the swim leg or split. You’re only in the water if you fall off of your SUP 😉

RELAY TEAMS – Have a friend that loves to swim?? Great! Have them do the swim portion of the race and you can bike and/or run! Boom…no swimming needed on your part and you are part of a Triathlon team

DUATHLON – This is a multisport race that consists of a RUN – BIKE – RUN — no swimming needed!

ULTRA SHORT – Supersprint or “very short” distance triathlons are great for beginners as well. These events are geared towards beginners and first timers – the swim is often 400-500 meters in length which can sometimes be completed in a mere 5-10 minutes of total in water time.

While a Triathlon has always been TRI or THREE sports (the swim, bike and run), there are a variety of race options these days that offer alternatives to having to swim. While open water fear is a very common occurrence, finding your inner voice as an athlete and perhaps pushing through the fear can be a new challenge for you.

Looking for an even that has all these options? Join us this fall at the Last Call Triathlon in Loveland at Boyd Lake State Park. This is a GREAT first time or beginner friendly event in the calm lake waters.