Accomplish, Reflect, Learn & Grow from YOUR Race Day Experience

Accomplish, Reflect, Learn & Grow on you race day experience. Embrace the triumphs, failures and all that the journey entailed….

As athletes we can at times lose sight of the JOURNEY. We get focused on the routines, the training, the grind and often the finish line. While many of these aspects of being an athlete are important, don’t neglect taking time to look back on race day, the time leading up to it AND the immediate days following to really lock in your growth and advancement as an athlete.

  • What was a positive from the day? Why was it a positive? Why did you FEEL it was a positive?
  • What was a negative from the day? Why was it a negative? Why did you FEEL it was a negative?
  • What went great? Why do you think it went great? Was this the feeling you hoped to feel about it?
  • What went wrong? Why do you think it went wrong? Why did it feel wrong?

Take time to mentally decompress surrounding ANY race event. This can advance your journey as an athlete by leaps and bounds for your next round of training OR race day build up 🙂