Keep Yourself in Check - Breakaway Athletic Events

We know the weather here in Northern Colorado has been trending warmer for weeks now. With spring on the horizon and outside action heating up what’s one tip we’ve seen be everlasting as athletes? Keep yourself in check!

Seriously…remember that old rule of “don’t do too much too fast”?? Yes, it applies to warmer weather and outdoor action without a doubt. Many of us are excited for winter to be over and gone. Warm sunny days that are lighter for longer mean great training and racing experiences and action packed workout sessions if they can happen outside.

Why would you want to hold yourself back though? Why not go “all in” and tackle each day with your workouts and intensity? Too much too quick as an athlete can have detrimental long term affects. Burnout – fatigue – injury – over stimulation – the list goes on.

High quality vs high quantity should be your goal. As the weather continues to get warmer and warmer, remind yourself to increase the training sessions (in both time and intensity) in small increments. This allows your body time to adjust and acclimate to more training time. It helps you adjust often injury free and doesn’t come on like a rush of adrenaline that burns you out because it quickly got too overwhelming.

Keeping yourself in check and throttling back a bit as the warm weather rolls in is a sure fire way to help you stay injury free and energized for the whole race season ahead!