We all know the saying “New Year, New You” right around this time EVERY YEAR. The promise of a restart or reboot or resolutions and creating a ‘new you’ is enticing. In our opinion though…ditch those sayings. They are not helping you be your BEST you.

All too often we have a tendency to sweep the past mistakes under the rug. We push away from challenging memories and facing things head on. Start your next year off as the best version of yourself by OWNING what’s happened to you, for you and in your life.

Had a tough race this past year? OWN IT – it was YOUR race.

Had a tough training rut? OWN IT – it is what happened and perhaps what was needed.

Struggled mentally? OWN IT – we all have tough times pop up, don’t shy away from them OR that they’ve happened.

Broken gear on race day? OWN IT – it happens. Don’t internalize it.

Don’t bury your past year if you struggled. It’s part of YOUR story and it’ll help shape YOUR new year.ย