Inspire - Motivate and Define your GOALS as an athlete

Many if not all of us are striving for success. We work hard, play hard and try to always keep ourselves focused on goals.

However, have you taken time to sit down and really DEFINE your version of success? It’s unique to you and no one else, much like a fingerprint or your DNA.

Is your definition of success carving your path? Or is it creating a maze of uncertainty and doubt?

Try these THREE tips to really harness your definition of success and put it to work…

MAKE A LIST – Seriously. Make a list of your life goals, athlete goals, friend goals, work goals – everything!

JOURNEY OR GOAL – What on your list is a journey that can be enjoyed for a length of time or perpetually? What on your list is a means to an end? An ‘endgame goal’?

PURPOSE AND PATH – Which item(s) on your list create a sense and deep feeling of purpose? Which item(s) on your list are creating a path you enjoy being on? Grab them and go with them.