Try something new while training indoors

Let’s face it, somedays we just aren’t able to get outside and train. Whether it be for a long ride or a strong run, the weather or timing just might not allow it to happen immersed in nature.

So…what’s that leave you with? The ‘boring’ bike trainer or ‘dreadmill’ for running? They’re only boring or dreadful if you let them be.

Find a new podcast or informative video to watch. Learn about something you’ve been interested in for a while but haven’t had the time to jump on yet. Listen to audio on an elite athlete you admire. Watch a documentary on a subject you might not normally be super excited to try.

Our purpose in making these suggestions is to help you expand your mind a bit. At one point in life there was potentially a time when running a race or trying a triathlon may have seemed nuts to you…if you even knew what a triathlon was! What might come of learning about something new or seeing things from a different perspective that a documentary might offer you?

Let us know on race day if this article inspired you a bit!