Let It Go & Move On

Sometimes as an athlete it’s important to let things go and move on. It’s just that simple.

Below are three simple examples of a situation or scenario where it can often be best to just let something go, move on and keep kickin’ butt!

FLOPPED WORKOUT – Okay we get it, a botched workout or training session can sometimes feel like a major setback. But going hard on yourself or beating yourself up is often worse. Unnecessary stress, anxiety or anger can actually be detrimental to your overall long term training and racing goals. Cut yourself some slack, reset and tackle your training with a clearer focus in the next session.

IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THEM – This saying applies to MANY relationships in life. The biggest use of it as an athlete is when it comes to a negative interaction with someone else. Perhaps it’s you (as a cyclist) on the road vs a car (someone else). Maybe they cut you off or really just weren’t paying attention. If you’re okay and no physical harm came about – move on. This can be really tough to do, we get it, but maybe they’re having a bad day, don’t understand cycling or are just a cranky pants. Don’t let THEIR negative BS into YOUR world. It’s just not worth it.

SOGGY CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS – We’ve all got that friend or small gaggle of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors – whoever – that doesn’t “get” why we train or race. They don’t “get” the early morning runs or late afternoon gym sessions. They can’t understand why you’d spend money or time training and racing. It’s all good! Just because THEY don’t get why YOU have a goal or a mission to accomplish something athletic doesn’t make them terrible. Don’t let their judgement stop you. Stay the course and pick points along the way to reevaluate your relationships with those people if they continue to find ways to cut you down as an athlete.

Let It Go & Move On — practice this mantra a few times a week and see if it helps you as an athlete with your focus and goals.