Training Accountability with a Friend

Training during the winter months can have it’s challenges. We know the cold and grey days can make staying motivated really tough. What’s a good potential solution? Incorporate a training buddy to help keep you on track! Here are a few how to tips to having a friend help you kick butt this season with your training.

  • Make sure you’re compatible. This one is sort of a no-brainer, but make sure you get along, communicate well and are at similar fitness levels so neither of you feels as if you’re holding the other back
  • Mesh those schedules. We all have the same 168 hours each week. Find a little bit of time that has good overlap for both of you – even just a few hours each week spread out can help keep you accountable.
  • Focus on the see-saw of motivating each other. Week one try motivating your friend and helping them focus on their routine more. Week two you focus on your workouts and regime more. This can help ensure a balance of benefit.
  • Enjoy downtime together as well. Not everything can be training 100% of the time. Grab lunch or coffee and decompress a bit as friends.

Bonus Tip – Race together! Plan out your calendar and see what races you and your friend can do together. This can sometimes be a really powerful motivator AND fun experience you have to look back on together.