Is Your Training Black & White or Shades of Gray?

Winter can be TOUGH for training. Shorter hours filled with light, brutally cold temperatures and ice at every turn. We get it.

What can really make a difference in your winter training & performance gains is the mindset you carry each and every day. Are you all or nothing (black & white) or do you find balance no matter what the circumstances are (shades of gray)?

Try these THREE tips to tackle out the tough & frosty winter months of training…

THE CHANGE UP – Your long run day is all set for tomorrow…but you wake up and find 6 inches of snow, ice and blasting wind out the window. Switch it up to a treadmill long run (yes, it can be boring but that can build tremendous mental strength).

THE BACK SEAT – Winter months often mean cross training, alternate lower volume regimens and more recovery – if the weather throws you a wicked curve ball take it as a sign to chill on training for the day (or do cross training with less intense focus).

THE SNOOZE BUTTON – This one’s a no brainer sometimes. There are mornings or days where training just seems to be a complete NAG. You’re dreading it, it’s in the ‘way’, it’s inconvenient, you might not have time – the list goes on. What’s best?? Skip it! Stressing about a single training day can actually be more detrimental to your performance vs skipping it and being extra prepped for the next day.

Winter training and icy cold weather with gray skies are a challenge for many. Stay motivated, strong and awesome…you got this!